Aiming to optimize your vehicle energy management?

Webinar na żądanie

Figure out how an integrated test and simulation approach can help you better understand energy efficiency

test simulation energy management benchmarking
Combining test and simulation in vehicle energy management analysis

The nature and extent of the energy distribution exercise are largely dependent on the customer as well as regulation requirements at the vehicle level. Therefore, adopting an engineering process that considers the complete vehicle to track energy efficiency and room for its improvement is crucial. For example, how to improve vehicle aerodynamics without any compromise on component thermal management, all the while keeping a close eye on the cabin temperature control?

The Simcenter portfolio, product and services, enables you to effectively find the right architecture tradeoff that considers all performance attributes to create improve vehicle energy management. In this webinar hosted by Gaétan Bouzard and Constantin Bonamour from Simcenter Engineering Consulting and Services (ECS) you will learn:

  • How to set correct targets via a competitive benchmark study achieved thanks to an extensive instrumentation and testing campaign, performed by the Simcenter ECS team
  • How to improve model validation with a “model-based” testing strategy
  • How to assess your overall vehicle energy efficiency and identify rooms for improvement depending on the attributes you want to address, using a combined system simulation and test approach