Integration of Agile and Regulatory Methodologies

オンデマンド・ウェビナー | 32 分

Join us in watching this part two of a four-course series

Next-Generation Software Development for Digital Health A Siemens Industry Software Master Class Series
Next-Generation Software Development for Digital Health A Siemens Industry Software Master Class Series

Through this four-course series, we explore how to architect complex software solutions, balance agile with regulatory constraints, and showcase how low-code development catalyzes dev-ops. Attendees will learn how to reconcile the speed of modern software development with current regulatory frameworks in digital health applications. The end goal is to paint a picture of how companies, big and small, can transform their software offering by getting away from the monolithic status quo.

About our Digital Health Series

The lifesaving gifts of today’s medical solutions are predicated on software in every aspect of the value chain. With all evidence pointing towards a future being exponentially software-driven, it is important for developers of medical device solutions to not only understand but adopt the latest and greatest approaches. The speed of adoption in this realm translates to better outcomes for patients and their families. This series will build off our previous master classes on Intelligent Design Control as well as parts of Design Excellence. As a leading global provider and developer of software, Siemens has expertise in sharing how it enables transformation with not only its customers but also in regard to its own journey.

In this webinar you will learn: agile software development doesn't naturally lend itself to design control and regulated environments. In this session we cover traceability of standards, integrating risk management, and delve into how agile teams can show data in a hierarchical sense as opposed to just what's inherently an agile perspective. What are these complexities and how can design control help manage it?

Meet our presenter:

Larry Sampson

Larry Sampson

医療機器プロセス、シニアディレクター, Siemens Digital Industry Software

医療機器の分野で20年の経験を持つLarry Sampsonは、機器開発のアジャイル性と規制上考慮すべき点のバランスをどう取るかを熟知しています。 シーメンスの医療機器プロセス担当シニアディレクターとして、製品ライフサイクルのあらゆる領域のベストプラクティスを、医療機器メーカーにお伝えしています。オフの時間は家族とともにコロラドの大自然を満喫しています。

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