A predictive analytics-based Digital Twin for oil and gas operations

在线研讨会回放 | 43 分钟

Learn how Aker Solutions uses simulation-based predictive analytics to build digital twins of subsea systems for production optimization, saving millions of dollars in deferred production

Sensor data and high-fidelity simulation combine to generate predictive analytics—to boost operating efficiencies and assess the impact of future operating conditions.
Predictive analytics in the oil and gas industry

Measured sensor data combined with data analytics has been widely recognized as an effective means of enabling efficiency and maintenance improvements in many oil and gas facilities. However, there is the opportunity to make an even greater step change if we ask ourselves:

  • How do we find operating data in locations where we have no sensors or instrumentation?
  • What is the impact of unexpected and future operating conditions on the integrity, performance, and safety of our complex oil and gas equipment and assets?

This is where predictive-based analytics delivers the final, but critical, piece of the puzzle. In this webinar, you will hear how Aker Solutions embrace engineering simulation and predictive engineering analytics to ensure their equipment is optimized through the complete lifecycle--from design to operation.

High-fidelity simulation: the basis for virtual sensing

The ability to generate reliable simulation-based predictions--of individual pieces of equipment and full systems-- based on underlying physics, results in valuable additional data on how a system operates; this leads to deeper understanding and insight to make more informed, better-prepared decisions.

By embracing simulation-based digital twins, operators and equipment companies are able to build virtual sensors that can provide unparalleled levels of data in locations that would otherwise be inaccessible, helping them understand how the performance and integrity of their system are changing, and even to assess the impact of possible future operating conditions on their systems and search out improved efficiencies.

From managing complex multiphase flows to ensuring reliable thermal performance in operation to managing and avoiding hydrate risks, a predictive-based approach can save time and cost while delivering greater insight to enable safe and efficient operations.

What you will learn about predictive analytics for oil & gas operations:

  • The value of incorporating simulation-based predictive analytics into oil and gas operations
  • How a combination of multi-physics and multi-scale approaches are critical to success
  • How Aker Solutions has combined its expertise with Siemens software to deliver its digital twin 'Thermal Insight' to manage thermal performance


Henrik Alfredsson

Managing Director, Aker Solutions, Sweden

Javier Garriz

Marketing Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software