Siemens Digital Industries Software 提供全面的集成式软件与服务组合,可涵盖船舶生命周期的方方面面,从概念设计、生产到运营,再到经过优化的服务生命周期管理,全程满足您的需求。凭借我们为船舶行业提供的一整套尖端软件解决方案,您将能够推动创新,提高生产力,进而克服眼前的挑战,并将企业转变为面向未来的数字化企业。



Siemens Digital Industries Software 提供全面的集成式软件与服务组合,可涵盖船舶生命周期的方方面面,从概念设计、生产到运营,再到经过优化的服务生命周期管理,全程满足您的需求。凭借我们为船舶行业提供的一整套尖端软件解决方案,您将能够推动创新,提高生产力,进而克服眼前的挑战,并将企业转变为面向未来的数字化企业。

FORAN is now a part of Siemens

FORAN, one of the most adopted design and construction systems in the marine industry worldwide, has now been added to Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio.


Oyster Yachts

Increasing efficiency by adopting a standard digital platform

Oyster Yachts uses Siemens solutions to improve collaboration by leveraging shared data

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Supply Chain Management

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Production Planning & Engineering for Shipbuilding

Ship construction is a complex and lengthy process that demands careful planning and timely decision-making. Plan, optimize and validate ship construction processes before building. Use a broad range of tools to streamline your process planning workflows, automate non-value-added planning tasks and validate the best shipbuilding plan. These tools facilitate process design and sequencing, production BOM and BOP management, time management, 3D shipyard layout and ergonomic analysis. Control ship and production lifecycles from process planning and detailed engineering to full production by connecting the entire value chain to realize the best production strategy.

HVAC Design for Ships and Offshore Structures

HVAC systems are critical for ensuring the safety and comfort of crew members and passengers. Getting HVAC systems right can improve both energy requirements and internal space utilization. Reduce design time and energy consumption, improve production quality, and maximize available internal space with our next-generation software for designing HVAC equipment and systems for ships and offshore structures.

Marine Industry Sustainability

The demand for sustainable ships is growing significantly. By ensuring that future classes of ships and the shipyards that design and build them are fully compliant with both current and future environmental requirements in all stages of a ship lifecycle, this solution will support your eco-design initiatives and help you minimize the risks and costs associated with noncompliance.





Structural Integrity & Dynamics

Sound structural integrity is critical for viable operation, crew and passengers’ safety and comfort, as well as minimal environmental impact. Our simulation and testing solutions can predict fatigue life and hotspots while optimizing a product for durability.

Propulsion Systems

Propeller performance is the key for efficient conversion of generated power into thrust force. We provide all the necessary tools to analyze propulsion system performance, from the propeller in isolation to sub-systems and full system performance for complete power management.  Predict propeller performance, cavitation, and erosion using our hydrodynamics simulation capabilities, then analyze noise and dynamic response, vibration and structural integrity with our powerful 3D tools.



System Performance & Controls

Ensuring efficient vessel performance requires integration and optimization of multiple complex systems. Our solutions allow designers to check system architecture impacts on the complete vessel performance before any physical development takes place. Simulate and validate components early in the design cycle, and accurately predict system performance.

Integrated Ship Design and Engineering

Today’s marine market demands greener, smarter, and more high-tech vessels. To remain competitive, shipbuilders must deliver those vessels on time, on budget, and on quality. Our Integrated Ship Design and Engineering solution enables marine companies to remain in control of the design spiral. By bringing all their multidisciplinary design data, processes, and tools in one centralized environment, they can break down information and collaboration silos, boost innovation, and improve enterprise productivity.

Integrated Project Planning & Execution

As the demand for high value-added vessels increases, so does the need to identify and mitigate the risks associated with more complex design and manufacturing processes. This need is compounded by the current climate of unpredictability and increased competition in the shipbuilding market. To remain competitive, a shipyard must deliver bids that are both attractive and accurate. To this end, having a fully planned, resourced, and budgeted end-to-end project management solution has become critical.

Digital Ship Lifecycle Management

To meet today’s regulations and market demands, ships need to be greener, safer, smarter, more cost-effective, more connected, and more adaptable than ever before. As complexity increases, more parties need to be involved in the vessel design, manufacturing, and maintenance processes. With ship service lives reaching up to 40 years for a commercial vessel and 50 years for a naval one, it becomes apparent that robust ship lifecycle management is not optional; it is critical.

Ship Service & Maintenance

As the economic slowdown continues to impact the already overcrowded shipping market, ship owners and operators are looking to maximize profit margins by lowering operational costs and improving vessel availability. At the same time, the rise of information and communication technology is opening new horizons for shipping companies and shipbuilders alike. So how can the marine industry capitalize on the sea of newly available data to improve the current ship service and maintenance model?

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