Exclusive Siemens Workshop @ EVS32

市场活动 | 21 五月 2019 1:00 PM GMT
EVS 32, Eurexpo, Lyon, France

Accelerate vehicle electrification with the digital twin approach

Vehicle Electrification
Vehicle Electrification

Electrification has undoubtedly arrived. Developing hybrid and electric vehicles with adequate range, performance, fast- charge capabilities, and multiple design variants in each vehicle segment is a tremendous challenge. Achieving all this with the same (or lower) cost of ownership as conventional vehicles requires new innovations and engineering efficiency that have been previously unheard of in the automotive industry – all without risking safety, reliability, and quality.

We invite you to attend this free 90 minute workshop where our experts will describe how engineering processes have to evolve to cope with challenging requirements, and how a complete, integrated and accurate digital twin approach can enable car OEMs and suppliers to bridge the gap to achieve a significant competitive advantage, ROI, and operational performance edge.


  • Introduction keynote – Driving innovations in vehicle electrification with the next generation design and development tools (10 mins)
  • Walking demo-stations to dive deeper into our solution areas (60 mins)
    • Battery systems, from cell to integration
    • Electric motors
    • Power electronics
    • Vehicle energy and thermal management system simulation
    • EV-specific NVH engineering
    • E/E architecture, electrical systems and networks
  • Customer presentation (name to be announced) (15 mins)
  • Wrap-up (5 mins)

What will you learn?

  • How digital twins of hybrid and electric vehicles enable engineers to virtually assess the global performance of systems like battery, motor and power electronics.
  • How to balance performance attributes – NVH, drivability, range, safety, aerodynamics and thermal & energy management - during integration, and physically validate components and architecture choices.
  • How our simulation and testing solutions help OEMs and suppliers accelerate product design, whilst using optimization to adapt to vehicle autonomy and other automotive megatrends.
  • How to meet challenging electric vehicle platform attribute targets, e.g. weight, packaging, performance and cost, through effective E/E architecture optimization and highly automated and integrated electrical systems design

Who should attend?

  • Engineering directors, engineering managers and subject matter experts driving vehicle electrification efforts of their organizations