Ensure launcher survivability

Webinar su richiesta | 47 minuti

Launch it before you build it

Space Propulsion Systems
Space Propulsion Systems

The space exploration industry is in the midst of a renaissance and the next generation of space vehicles will require the adoption of new conceptual methods. As many of these designs are without a historical precedent, programs will need to leverage a digital strategy if they are to compete in this new market. Successful organizations use pervasive digitalization to achieve competitive advantage by developing highly reliable and cost-effective launch systems. 

In this webinar, we address how digitalization increases the survivability of the launcher and its systems:

  • Designing the rocket motor system and predicting its performance
  • Modelling the complex dynamic behavior of the launcher in its environment and assuring its integrity
  • Understanding the interactions between fuel/oxidizer with launcher systems and its structure
  • Virtually and physically qualifying the launcher for human rated operations


Thierry Olbrechts

Director, Simcenter Aerospace Industry Solutions