Product Customization at Scale: Reaching a Market-of-One Profitability

Webinar a la carta

Advanced Product Customization and Configuration Management Software to Delight Your Customers with More Choices and Product Variations

In this webinar, CIMdata hosts speakers from Siemens Digital Industries Software and Siemens IEC to explore the current state of product lifecycle management (PLM) customers and their use of advanced variant configuration management technology. Hear about recent CIMdata research on PLM challenges around product variability, configuration management, and product customization, along with recommendations on how to overcome these challenges. Siemens Digital Industries Software discusses their variant configuration management strategy and the value of Teamcenter Product Configurator to customers. Siemens IEC will share their experiences using Teamcenter Product Configurator and the benefits the solution brings to their organization.

What will you learn by attending this webinar?

  • Learn about recent CIMdata research around advanced configuration management.
  • Find out about industry challenges that go along with managing multiple configurations of a product.
  • See how Teamcenter Product Configurator addresses variant configuration and product customization software challenges through PLM.
  • Learn how current customers are putting Teamcenter Product Configurator to use with success.