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Automoción y transporte

Digitalización para el sector de la automoción y el transporte

Cómo liderar una revolución en el sector del transporte en las áreas de la conectividad y la movilidad autónoma, eléctrica y compartida de las herramientas de diseño y desarrollo.

Automoción y transporte

Digitalización para el sector de la automoción y el transporte

Cómo liderar una revolución en el sector del transporte en las áreas de la conectividad y la movilidad autónoma, eléctrica y compartida de las herramientas de diseño y desarrollo.

Digitalization helps Uniti make electric cars that make more sense

Uniti is developing an electric car that offers drivers the same seamless digital experience they enjoy with their smartphones. Says CEO Lewis Horne, “We don’t focus so much on your vehicle identification number as your digital identity.” The company used Siemens engineering, manufacturing and production software to take their vehicle from concept to reality in four months.

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Punch Powertrain

Punch Powertrain uses Simcenter services and tools to cut development time by at least a factor of 2

Siemens PLM Software helps automotive manufacturer develop new generation of switched reluctance motors with superior NVH performance

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Lifecycle Collaboration

Today’s Automotive & Transportation industry has never been more cost-competitive, and efficiencies need to be gained wherever possible as vehicles are getting more complex.  A lifecycle approach to process and data management is critical to meet these challenges.  Our solutions address how you manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect to external suppliers and customers. Our lifecycle management approach to centralizing technical information and keeping it up to date and accessible, means knowledge workers can be more efficient and achieve higher levels of performance.

Lifecycle Requirements Management

To deliver the Automotive and Transportation systems of the future, we need to truly understand the market and customer dynamics. Requirements that are maintained outside the product development lifecycle, or delivered through documents and spreadsheets, prevent collaboration and can’t deliver products efficiently. Collaborating on requirements is critical to successful product realization and innovation. Our solution allows you to capture, keep up with, and deliver requirements to the entire enterprise.

Program Management - OEMs

Designing and simulating the Automobile and Transportation systems of the future that are more complex and sophisticated requires a sophisticated program management tool. Siemens PLM software provides a systems approach to project planning integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management solution to accelerate vehicle product development to design, engineer, reproduce and optimize vehicle platforms.

Gestión de programas

El diseño y la simulación de sistemas de automoción y transporte del futuro, más complejos y sofisticados, exige una herramienta de gestión de programas más desarrollada. El software de Siemens PLM ofrece un enfoque basado en sistemas para planificar proyectos mediante la integración de los costes, los calendarios y los requisitos técnicos en una solución de gestión de programas completamente planificada, dotada de recursos y con un presupuesto definido. Su objetivo es agilizar el desarrollo de productos en relación con los vehículos a fin de crear, diseñar, simular y optimizar plataformas de vehículos.

Supplier Program Management

Designing and simulating automobile and transportation systems of the future requires a sophisticated program management tool. Our solutions bring a systems approach to project planning, resulting in accelerated vehicle product development.

IP Protection & Export Control

Optimize your ability to bring products to markets, fully leverage your IP portfolio, and maximize reuse with our unified solutions for IP Management. This proven solution will help your team reduce cycle times, decrease costs, and remove risks around compliance and litigation. The easy-to-use search functions allow distributed design teams to securely access and reuse best-in-class IP. Our platform also ensures improved visibility and data sharing as well as secures your IP by controlling and recording access.

Vehicle Verification Management - OEMs

The Verification Management solution enables companies to achieve faster time to certification by providing a single integrated environment. This ensures that all product verification events, whether simulation modeling and analysis or physical tests, are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence. Our solutions provide full traceability by linking individual tests and analyses to the necessary resources.

Gestión de las verificaciones en los vehículos

La solución de gestión de las verificaciones permite a las empresas agilizar la obtención de certificaciones proporcionando un único entorno integrado. Esto garantiza que todas las acciones de verificación de los productos, ya se trate de modelado y análisis de simulaciones o de pruebas físicas, se basan en requisitos y se planifican y ejecutan en la secuencia correcta. Nuestras soluciones proporcionan una trazabilidad completa, enlazando los distintos análisis y pruebas con los recursos necesarios.

Powertrain Design & Engineering

Stricter fuel economy and emissions regulations are driving automakers and suppliers to develop more efficient powertrains and vehicles. Vehicle teams must collaborate with powertrain engineers to reduce vehicle energy demands. Our solution provides a modeling environment to quickly create design studies to evaluate powertrains using digital mockups of the vehicle compartment, subsystems and components.

Software Engineering

The evolution of modern transportation systems is driving the demand for Electric, Autonomous, and Hybrid vehicles. Electronics and Software are driving this revolution with the exponential adoption of sophisticated electronics, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The need to manage this level of sophisticated smart products requires an integrated software engineering solution.  Our systems-driven digitalization approach to product development combines systems engineering with an integrated approach to software engineering and product engineering.

Ingeniería de rendimiento para vehículos

Explore nuestras soluciones de simulación y pruebas para anticipar la ingeniería de rendimiento de varios atributos en vehículos y la innovación de sistemas mecatrónicos en todo el proceso de desarrollo.

Powertrain Performance Engineering

Discover how Simcenter simulation and testing solutions enable to balance powertrain fuel economy, drivability, energy management, NVH and acoustics.

Additive Engineering & Manufacturing

The power of additive manufacturing is the ability to generate new designs that could not be developed by traditional manufacturing processes. This capability allows us to create organic shapes that normally are impossible to manufacture. Additive manufacturing permits exploration of multiple design alternatives to find optimal designs quickly. Our solutions for additive manufacturing enable you to reimagine products, retool manufacturing and rethink business models.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Most auto OEMs no longer compete solely as autonomous corporations. They also compete as participants in integrated supply chains. Synchronizing processes and collaborating on data between the OEM and the supplier is therefore critical. Siemens PLM Software provides an easy-to-use, secure platform for collaborating with suppliers, even those outside the PLM environment. Our solutions to support multiple use cases including design data exchange, direct materials sourcing, and supplier program management.

Manufacturing Engineering for Body Assembly

For automotive manufacturers scaling up to deliver autonomous, electric and hybrid vehicles, highly integrated manufacturing processes are needed to produce a vehicle that is far more complex while increasing margin and getting products to market faster. Our solutions bring a systems driven approach to automotive body engineering and manufacturing connecting all aspects of vehicle design in an end to end digital thread with design, simulation, and manufacturing applications. This provides OEMs and suppliers with the ability to build the automotive and transportation systems of the future.

Manufacturing Engineering for Final Assembly

Today, manufacturers are building multiple car models, along with their associated trim levels, in a single assembly line. Managing this complex mixed-model production process presents an enormous challenge for automakers as more complex vehicles need to be manufactured. With our digital manufacturing solutions, you can perform early evaluation of cycle time, estimate budgets and analyze assembly costs. Our solutions offer capabilities such as line balancing, enterprise process planning, throughput analysis and resource planning. With these tools, you can reduce engineering change orders (ECOs) and increase final assembly productivity.

Manufacturing Engineering for Paint

Automotive paint shops must meet the highest demands for maximum availability, energy efficiency, round-the-clock production, and operating in a harsh production environment. With Siemens PLM software tools you can develop and simulate robotic operations of your paint processes, including tooling and peripherals. You can enhance communication and coordination among manufacturing disciplines, enabling smarter decision-making.

Manufacturing Engineering for Powertrain Assembly

With our solutions for powertrain production automakers can easily plan complete powertrain manufacturing operations. You can define CNC tool paths and calculate machining cycle times for specific stages of operations. Using integrated G-code-driven machine tool simulation, you can identify and avoid potential collisions between parts, machines or fixtures. Furthermore, the CNC work package can be delivered directly to the machines. This streamlined process chain can help you reduce powertrain manufacturing setup times and increase product quality.

Supplier Assembly Manufacturing Engineering

Suppliers need to maximize profitability in automotive part manufacturing by improving collaboration with OEMs. Our digital manufacturing solutions help automotive part suppliers maximize business performance by improving manufacturing planning collaboration, defining and optimizing proposed manufacturing processes, designing and manufacturing high-performance tooling, supporting effective communication with production and shop floor systems, and monitoring and controlling quality.

Manufacturing Data Management

The integration of smart manufacturing systems is enabled by connecting people, systems and machines through a digital thread of information from design, manufacturing and field support. As a result, the enterprise can collaborate instantly and securely across the product design and process planning functions. By consistently and accurately connecting planning to production, we ensure that the correct manufacturing data is delivered to and accessible from the shop floor.

Body Manufacturing Stamping

Automotive stamping dies and press lines are high-cost, long lead-time investments. To maximize return on investment (ROI), it’s important to streamline development and commissioning of new lines, while flexibly adapting existing lines to new designs. Our automotive stamping solutions are used by leading companies to optimize operational efficiency and reduce time, cost and errors in design, planning and production of sheet metal parts and dies. Performance improvement include: reduction of try-out time by 70 percent, reduction of tooling design costs by 20 percent, reduction of stamping die design errors by 90 percent, and increase of stroke rate by 10 percent.

Powertrain Machining

Easily plan complete powertrain manufacturing operations to reduce powertrain manufacturing setup times and increase product quality.

Tooling & Fixture Design

Transform automotive manufacturing by embracing digitalization for more competitive, cost-effective, and efficient processes. Our solutions streamline the entire tool development process including part design, tool assembly layout, and detailed tooling design and validation. Using the advanced functionality of our solutions, step-by-step guidance, and associativity with part designs, you can work with even the most challenging tooling and fixture designs.

Factory Layout, Line Design & Optimization

Factories are being architected and simulated virtually through digitalized processes to create the smart factory of the future. The virtual factory is created in 3D with layout and optimization tools, allowing you to design, layout, and configure the factory environment and optimize factory operations. By giving facility planning and line design teams the ability to see the outcome of plans virtually, you can avoid costly expenses and wasted resources that occur when problems are discovered in real facilities.

Automation Engineering & Commissioning

When systems and machines are connected in a digital thread, they are easy to simulate. Automation equipment that is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) programs can be virtually tested to meet performance requirements, resulting in reduced system startup time. With our solutions, you can debug PLC codes in a virtual environment before integrating them into real systems and machines.

Gestión integrada de la calidad

En el entorno competitivo actual, ofrecer un producto que cumpla todos los requisitos técnicos y de rendimiento dentro del coste y el calendario previstos supone todo un desafío. Nuestra solución de gestión de la calidad le proporciona la capacidad de mejorar la calidad y reducir los costes durante todo el ciclo de vida del producto. Al permitirle entender y cumplir los estándares relevantes, esta solución le ayuda a convertirse en el mejor de su sector en lo relativo a cumplimiento normativo, calidad y eficacia operativa.

Solución de diseño de molduras de interiores y exteriores para el sector de la automoción

Los componentes de las molduras para el sector de la automoción con un ajuste, unos acabados y unas propiedades estéticas superiores son críticos para el diseño del transporte y el atractivo de la marca. El peso, la durabilidad y los aspectos medioambientales de los materiales de las molduras son consideraciones de diseño determinantes que deben evaluarse cuidadosamente. Nuestra solución le ofrece el completo conjunto de herramientas de diseño de molduras de interiores y exteriores que necesita para mantenerse por delante de la competencia. Puede trabajar en el contexto de todo el vehículo o de un subsistema para crear componentes moldeados y paneles decorativos de alta calidad.

Automotive Concept Design & Styling

In automotive styling, creativity, productivity and the ability to rapidly iterate different design concepts are critical for success. Our tools for concept design, reverse engineering and high-end rendering give you the power and freedom to push your creativity, all in one system. For exterior and interior Class A surfaces, we provide pole manipulation and surface alignment tools while giving you full control and real-time analysis of surface quality.

Automotive Body Design & Engineering

Changing consumer preferences and regulatory pressures are forcing automotive companies to find new ways to improve vehicle aerodynamics, enhance visual appeal, and increase interior space. Today, automotive companies rely on a systems-driven approach for automotive body engineering and manufacturing to realize body systems innovations. Our solutions provide an integrated automotive body systems design, simulation, and manufacturing solution in a managed environment to help you respond quickly to changing market demands.

Automotive Instrument Panel & HVAC Design

The user experience in the vehicle’s interior is becoming one of the most important buying criteria for today’s consumers, making innovation, quality and improved feature content critical success factors when designing instrument panels and HVAC systems. Siemens PLM Software offers a comprehensive design solution for interior and HVAC systems. From concept to finished design and manufacturing, you can work in the context of the vehicle, perform electrical and mechanical routing, work seamlessly with ECAD solutions to integrate your electronic systems, and continuously validate against customer and regulatory requirements.

Driving Dynamics

Address the driving dynamics performance of your vehicle, chassis or suspension with Simcenter tools and services to ensure your vehicle has precisely the desired driving characteristics.

ADAS & Integrated Safety

Explore our simulation and testing solutions to optimize safety and performance linked to ADAS by validating resulting behavior when integrating active and passive safety systems.


Get better insights on airflows and aerodynamics to increase vehicle efficiency, comfort and safety, improve handling and reduce noise using 3D CFD simulation.

Water & Dirt Management

Analyze the vehicle’s interaction with water and dirt, and predict its behavior in harsh conditions, improving driver safety and vehicle reliability.

Gestión de la energía en vehículos

Optimice la gestión energética general de los vehículos innovadores y respetuosos con el medio ambiente, mejorando, al mismo tiempo, la experiencia de conducción, la comodidad térmica y el rendimiento.

Controls Development, Verification & Validation

Successfully develop mechatronics systems and optimize mechanics, electronics and software simultaneously as an integrated system.

NVH (ruido, vibración y dureza) y acústica para vehículos híbridos y eléctricos

Disfrute de unas sensaciones agradables mientras conduce con la comodidad añadida de un sistema de motopropulsión eléctrico o híbrido silencioso. Optimice el comportamiento del NVH y la acústica de su sistema de motopropulsión o vehículo con las herramientas y los servicios de Simcenter.

Thermal & Energy Management for Conventional Powertrain

Get a deep understanding of the engine and powertrain systems performance early in the design cycle to help you meet fuel economy, emissions and drivability requirements.

Digital Mockup, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Our physical world is being designed and simulated virtually through digitalized processes as a digital twin before a physical product is even created. This is done using the 3D Visualization and Digital Mockup capabilities. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment; immersing the user to experience the simulated reality first hand. Augmented Reality (AR) merges computer-generated graphics on top of real world, to digitally enhance what we see.

Digital Mockup, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Our physical world is being designed and simulated virtually through digitalized processes as a digital twin before a physical product is even created. This is done using the 3D Visualization and Digital Mockup capabilities. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment; immersing the user to experience the simulated reality first hand. Augmented Reality (AR) merges computer-generated graphics on top of the real world, to digitally enhance what we see.

Strength & Durability

Strength and durability solutions for automotive performance engineering.

Vehículos autónomos

Los vehículos autónomos revolucionarán el sector del transporte como ningún otro cambio lo ha hecho desde la invención del automóvil. La creación de estos vehículos requiere un desarrollo ágil y basado en modelos con flujos de datos integrados y una gran dependencia de las funcionalidades de simulación basadas en software. Siemens PLM Software ofrece un completo conjunto de soluciones para vehículos autónomos para todos los ámbitos técnicos más importantes, desde el diseño de chips hasta la validación completa del vehículo.

Diseño de nueva generación

La nueva generación de vehículos exige una nueva generación de soluciones de diseño que elimine las barreras a la innovación mediante un conjunto integrado de herramientas de diseño y de validación. Nuestras soluciones ofrecen un conjunto completo de herramientas para crear una nueva generación de vehículos.

Ingeniería de rendimiento de vehículos para una conducción autónoma

Implemente una exploración, validación y verificación eficientes de los diseños correspondientes a los sistemas de asistencia a la conducción (ADAS) y de conducción autónoma a nivel del vehículo.

Ruido, vibración y dureza y acústica para el sistema de motopropulsión convencional

Las medidas que respetan el medio ambiente repercuten en el rendimiento del ruido, la vibración y la dureza (NVH), así como de la acústica. Simcenter le ayuda a diagnosticar, analizar y resolver los problemas de NVH del sistema de motopropulsión.

Gestión térmica y energética para el sistema de propulsión electrónico

Descubra virtualmente y valide físicamente los componentes y subcomponentes xEV fundamentales, así como su rendimiento durante la integración para cumplir las expectativas en cuanto al alcance, la conducción y el rendimiento.

Electrificación de los vehículos

La electrificación de los vehículos es una fuerza motriz para la revolución que se está produciendo en el sector de la automoción. Diseñar vehículos eléctricos de manera rápida y rentable, y hacerlos atractivos para los consumidores, es un gran reto. Ofrecemos un gemelo digital integrado y preciso para vehículos eléctricos que afronta los para todos los aspectos de los vehículos. Nuestras soluciones de primera clase permiten a los fabricantes de automóviles y a la cadena de abastecimiento de electrificación de vehículos reducir el tiempo de desarrollo y proporcionar soluciones de alta calidad, con la capacidad de adaptarse a los cambios fácilmente en cada etapa del proceso.

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