Harness the power of digitalization with our digital enterprise for medical device solutions

Webinar a la carta | 19 minutos

A unified, digital enterprise program in medical technology means much more than meeting the requisite regulatory or manufacturing standards. Performance is optimized, quality issues are addressed, and change is managed effectively via data-driven navigational processes which reduce the risk of late discovery quality issues.

Digital Enterprise for the Medical Device Industry

Our digitalization solution for medical devices weave digital threads into design, supplier and production controls to provide transparency and traceability across all functional boundaries, engineering disciplines, and lifecycle phases. The digital threads thus enable big data analytics to intelligently traverse complex relationships and generate insightful status reports, identify industry trends, and thus provide significant benefits for the end user, resulting in better, more efficient medical products.

James B. Thompson

James B. Thompson

Director, Estrategia de Industria, Dispositivos médicos y fármacos, Siemens