Digitalization of Composite Aeroengine Development

Webinar a la carta | 60 minutos

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The drive to boost aircraft operating efficiency continues to fuel the adoption of composites in aeroengines. This market demand, combined with recent and continuing advances in composite material technologies, is shifting the competitive landscape for aeroengine OEMs and their supply chains. In this webinar, John O’Connor will discuss best practices for composite development in the aeroengine industry and provide an overview of technology that is making it faster to develop composite definitions that support a full digital thread across the entire development process.

Join us as we discuss the use of Fibersim software to support analysis, design, and manufacturing of composite aeroengine components. Topics to be discussed:

  • Understanding best practices of composite design and engineering in the aeroengine industry
  • Industry trends related to engineering and design of composites for aeroengines
  • How technology can support a digital thread for composite aeroengine components
  • Introduction to Siemens Digital Industries Software’s composite development solutions for analysis, design, and manufacturing

John O’Connor
Director of Product and Market Strategy
Siemens Digital Industries Software