Rapid prototyping using Python API and AUTOSAR Adaptive

Webinar a la carta | 17 minutos

Using Python to accelerate AUTOSAR Adaptive software development

Python bindings can support the rapid prototyping of new AUTOSAR Adaptive functions
Python bindings can support the rapid prototyping of new AUTOSAR Adaptive functions

The automotive industry is undergoing a lot of change, with conflicting pressure to cut costs and innovate faster, all while breaking new ground with technologies that are quite different from those that have gone before. The AUTOSAR Classic Platform is now widely used and proven in traditional ECU’s. Today, as computing power increases, the need to process more data has resulted in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform becoming increasingly important. The complex new functions associated with features in the ADAS domain, and others, bring new types of engineers with different skill sets. When combined with traditional automotive engineering, there is a need to rapidly build up proof of concept tests to confirm development paths. Our engineering teams have developed a set of Python bindings to support the rapid prototyping of new functions, running on an AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform ECU, enabling a pathway to support full production development of the software after the concept is proven. In this presentation, there will be a few examples of how this approach can be applied.

What you will learn:

  • The merits of using Python bindings with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform
  • How the bindings enable rapid prototyping and support subsequent production development
  • Implementation examples for sample functions

Who should view this webinar:

  • Research engineers
  • AUTOSAR developers
  • System architects
  • Engineering management