Digital transformation in manufacturing in action at SMT assembly manufacturer ICCO EMT

On-Demand Webinar | 38 Minuten

On-Demand Webinar: Virtual tour at SMT assembly manufacturer ICCO EMT

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Without undergoing a digital transformation in their manufacturing operations, SMT assembly manufacturers often struggle with managing data manually. Among the key issues: creating accurate inventory counts and providing real-time reporting. Romanian electronics manufacturer ICCO was looking for ways to address these challenges, and when a client requested real-time reports, they knew it was time to find a better solution.

Using automatic data management and smart analytics in manufacturing, ICCO has been able to reduce its error rate by >40% and save up to 20% in the time needed for production, while improving both quality and efficiency.

How ICCO EMT benefits from implementing analytics in manufacturing

Using Siemens’ suite of tools and smart analytics, ICCO now has a 360˚ overview of its site in real time. Managers can easily create and customize reports using ready-made templates and export the reports to share with other departments or customers. The company has better traceability capabilities and can generate insights from the data it collects. Join this webinar for a virtual tour of ICCO and see first-hand how the company:

  • Utilizes a robust, industry-leading technology stack for big-data manufacturing scenarios
  • Collects MES and IoT data covering process, material and quality
  • Gains rich OOTB functionality for box-build and PCB assembly
  • Easily creates reports and dashboards
  • Aggregates data on the enterprise level with multi-site architecture