Commitment to Openness

Digital Industries Software considers openness critical to the digital enterprise so that all phases of the product and production lifecycle are connected by a comprehensive digital data model regardless of where the data originated.

Customers need the support of software vendors and service providers to optimize the reuse of digital data, facilitating collaboration across ideation, realization, and utilization processes. Incompatible data formats and versioning problems that inhibit data reuse and collaboration are counterproductive and need to be eliminated.

The value we place in openness is reflected in our open software architectures, published data formats, user communities, and steering initiatives. We’ve learned that successful and responsible vendors compete on product value while adopting open business models that recognize the high investment that customers have made in existing IT infrastructures.

Digital Industries Software is a key participant in the international Code of PLM Openness (CPO), an initiative for agreeing on a mutual understanding of the importance of openness among software customers, vendors and service providers. The CPO aligns us with the evolving needs of customers and service providers, providing an effective framework and reference that supports our ongoing commitment to openness.

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