Design excellence: Driving a simulation-based culture from product ideation to production

On-Demand Webinar | 55 Minuten

Driving the design and production processes of a medical ventilator

Design Excellence
Design Excellence

Adapting to this new virtual and remote reality is pushing medical device companies to rapidly modernize their processes by embracing digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies. How can they implement this approach to virtually drive the design and production processes of a medical ventilator? During this webinar, you will learn how a wide array of technologies can drive the design and production processes of the Medtronic PB560 ventilator.

  • Applying a model-based system engineering strategy to efficiently integrate all engineering disciplines and requirements.
  • Running system simulation to quickly assess the ventilator performance across various patient scenarios.
  • Visualizing the flow behavior of a disposable part to confirm acceptable patient flow distribution.
  • Generating digital evidence to reduce costly physical tests and expedite product development.
  • Designing an additive manufacturing part and setting up 3D printing production.
  • Implementing process and plant simulation to ensure social distancing.

Featured Speakers:

Daren Beeson

Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Tom Salemi

Editorial Director, DeviceTalks