Global microcontroller shortage: solutions for your ECU software production challenges

온디맨드 웨비나 | 26 분

Explore options to alleviate ECU software production challenges by running the ECU design in a virtual environment.

Explore options to alleviate ECU software production challenges by running the ECU design in a virtual environment.

With ongoing disruptions and shortages on the horizon for supplies of microcontrollers (MCUs), automotive companies are now facing shortages leading to stalled production lines. Demand for electronic products is rising, including in electric vehicle production, which intensifies the problem. There are solutions to help avoid missing critical start-of-production deadlines, though. This webinar outlines options available to design teams involved in ECU software design based on the AUTOSAR software standard. The webinar explores options to switch embedded software projects to an alternative microcontroller or run the ECU design in a virtual environment until production microcontroller volumes are restored.

The webinar cover the following topics on ECU production challenges:

  • Background on the global MCU shortage and options available to Automotive OEMs and Tier-1s facing production time challenges
  • Porting embedded software to alternative micro-controllers: How is it done, and how long will it take?
  • Running a parallel Virtual Environment to design and debug your ECU Application
  • Making the decision to switch: Time and cost trade-offs
  • Siemens services and support to assist companies with ECU development programs

Who might be interested in how MCU shortages affect production

  • Software and system architects interested in vehicle network security
  • Engineering directors and managers
  • Quality directors
  • Automotive related product management and solution architects
  • Automotive product security engineers and managers
  • Product security officers, engineering managers and technology directors

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