Nuclear Industry Seminar: Digital Strategy for Engineering and Operations

가상 이벤트 | 14 5월 2019 8:30am - 2:30pm
Joe Gibbs Racing | 13415 Reese Blvd. Huntersville, NC 28078

The nuclear industry must rapidly progress from the application of slower, costlier conventional methods relying on experimental and experience based tools, to adopting advanced digital methods to regain market competitiveness.

This seminar will highlight how modern process automation, simulation and design space exploration enable rapid development and testing for small component design, large systems, and full-plant analysis. Used alone or in combination with legacy methods, the Siemens solutions have enabled nuclear operators and vendors to greatly enhance the capacity and availability of current reactors. Even more notably, the simulation technology represents the key to support the development of the next generation of nuclear reactors, which represent a large technological step requiring the use of predictive modeling and simulation (M&S) techniques to bring the desired improvements to their economics and safety standards. This seminar will demonstrate how digital engineering simulation and operation have become critical components for examining and adapting new designs, reducing operational costs, and guiding regulatory priorities and practices in the nuclear industry. 
  • Flow and Thermal Effects Analysis in Reactor Systems
  • Simulation Driven Predictive Maintenance
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Multiphase Flow and Boiling
  • Virtual Reactor Modeling
  • Beyond Design Conditions Management
  • Spent Fuel Transportation and Storage 

This is seminar is complimentary, but there are a limited number of seats so please register today.

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