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Challenges of incorporating embedded technologies in design and quality processes

All things that move - from automobiles to trucks to heavy equipment such as cranes, tunnel boring and mining equipment — have this in common: embedded technologies and software in design and quality processes. Embedded technologies and software are present in almost every component making them smarter and more complex but riskier to incorporate into the design, manufacturing and quality process. This webinar will focus on understanding and managing the risks of incorporating embedded technologies into your organization’s products and processes prudently.
• Onboard computing systems in the average vehicle today are more sophisticated than the computers on the retired Space Shuttle fleet.
• Hackers are targeting keyless ignition systems and self-driving cars; tunnel boring and mining equipment depend on data from geo-stationary satellite systems; RFID tags and smart warehouse equipment have revolutionized loading cargo ships, railroad cars and trucks.  
Using yesterday’s tools to design, verify and validate this new generation of technology squanders the critical time-to-market advantage you selected the embedded technology for in the first place. We will examine a new generation of flexible tools to replace spreadsheets and orchestrate all your processes and data from concept through design, hand-off to manufacturing to quality, supply chain and warranty management.   We will use practical concrete examples that promote agility for change management while assuring fidelity to quality in a global 24/7 working environment.
Join us to gain an insight into strategies for adopting new technologies while protecting customers and brand reputation.
About the Presenters:
Christopher Piela, Portfolio Development Executive
Siemens PLM Software
In his role at Siemens PLM Software, Piela joins industry, regulatory and development resources to ensure support for emerging device quality and compliance demands.Piela brings a wealth of experience in product identification standards, product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and regulated product information management. He draws his unique perspective and industry knowledge from more than 20 years’ experience in which he has worked in a wide variety of healthcare roles spanning a cross section of the medical device supply chain. His experience includes nine years with a major life sciences process control company where he specialized in validated systems. Piela has a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Siena College.
Mary McAtee, Technical Presales Consultant
Siemens PLM Software
McAtee has been a member of the Siemens QMS organization for over 20 years. She is a 40-year Quality professional specializing in Reliability Engineering for semiconductor and nuclear devices. She obtained her BS in Mechanical Engineering and spent her early career focusing on best practices and strategies for moving complex R&D projects into production while maintaining fidelity to the initial design and quality requirements. She won the General Manager’s Award at New England Research Center for developing an R&D-centric Quality Management System for the output of the research scientists. She is an exam-qualified lead assessor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949, ISO 13485 and TickIT. She has led several organizations to successful registrations to various standards and has written and presented on the topic of compliance and quality extensively over the years. She is currently working with the development organizations and other Siemens “Centers of Excellence” in the United States and Europe to develop a broader uniform interpretation of primary norms and compliance standards. She is also the QMS Lexington Quality Manager and a Lead Assessor in the Siemens PLM Software Quality organization.

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Challenges of incorporating embedded technologies in design and quality processes — on-demand webinar.
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