Simulation and Test in the White Goods Industry – Webinar

On-Demand Webinar | 43 minutes

Achieve innovation and personalization in the fast-moving & competitive durable goods market.

Achieve innovation and personalization in the fast-moving & competitive durable goods market.
Achieve innovation and personalization in the fast-moving & competitive durable goods market.

In today’s fast-moving market, companies are facing how to effectively handle industry disruptions (growing competition, fast innovation of new technologies, etc.). To keep their competitive edge, companies need to make digitalization central to their product development process. The choice is very simple: either innovate these highly complex products quickly or stay stagnate and risk losing business and market share.

Product design teams need to face new trends:

       1. Personalization: Achieving personalization of their product in a fast-moving competitive market.
       2. Cost effectiveness: Improving quality and performance of the product while keeping the cost
           under control. Following the traditional product engineering approach of
           design-develop-test-improve are not sustainable anymore.
       3. Globalization: To attach new markets it is crucial to balance new customer complex requirements
           against efficiency regulations and safety restriction.

Who should attend?

  • Mechanical engineers who design consumer durable goods
  • Project managers
  • Simulation analysts
  • Test specialists

You will learn:

  • The importance of multiphysics effects in the design of white goods.
  • Benefits of using simulation throughout the design process.
  • Use cases of companies using Simcenter for white goods development and the value they have achieved.

Giulio Camauli

Simcenter Industry Solutions Manager , Siemens Digital Industries Software

Giulio Camauli has a MSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Genova (Italy).
He joined LMS in 1991 and he covered many roles from Application Engineer for test solutions, to Customer Services Manager to responsible for Strategic Initiative dealing with many different key-customers in the Italian Market.

After the acquisition by Siemens he has been involved in the integration of the local office and then worked as STS PfD in Italy. In Oct 2017 he joined the Simcenter Industry Solutions team taking care of many non-auto and non-aero Industries: Marine, Medical, Electronics, CG&R (incl. White Goods) and Industrial Machinery. In his role he directly contributes to the Industry campaigns and strongly collaborates with the different Simcenter sub-segments, marketing and regions to define broad and balanced Simcenter messaging and promotion.

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