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Simulation for Process Integrity Seminar

Event | 14 February 2019 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Houston, TX - February 14, 2019

Process system integrity - how can simulation help?


Learn about the role of modern digital simulation technology for ensuring system integrity and reliability in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical operations

System integrity is critical to the operation of safe, reliable and efficient production and processing facilities in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries. Integrity risks come in many forms and must be addressed at the design phase and throughout the full lifecycle of the equipment or system in operation. This workshop will highlight the role and requirements for digital simulation tools, in both the early design phase and during operation of a process system for quantifying, managing and avoiding integrity risks associated with process system operation.

The event will address a number of critical integrity risks relating to phenomena such as:

  • Flow-induced vibration
  • Acoustic induced vibration
  • Low temperature operating conditions
  • Pressure surge & cavitation
  • Erosion

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn how modern simulation tools can help them design and operate safer, more reliable and effective process equipment and facilities. The examples given will

  • describe the insight and time and cost savings that can be gained by learning in a digital simulation environment
  • explain when simulation is the most appropriate way to assess integrity risks

Who should attend?

  • Engineers, Product Managers and designers involved in the design of process equipment, technologies and facilities
  • Engineers, Operations Managers & Project Managers involved in the operation and maintenance of process equipment and facilities
  • Managers and Senior Executives responsible for technology and digital strategy relating to companies that design or operate process equipment and facilities


Siemens Office 
8850 Fallbrook Drive,
Houston, Tx 77064

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