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Modal Analysis and FEA-Test Correlation Seminar

Event | 17 July 2019 8:00 AM PST
Siemens PLM 46871 Bayside Pkwy. Fremont, CA 94538

Resonances, Mode Shapes, MACs, Damping?

Modal Analysis and FEA-Test Correlation

Siemens PLM cordially invites you for an informative and educational day covering the modal analysis testing and FEA-Test correlation on July 17, 2019.

This seminar can help you answer questions like:
  • What is modal analysis? Why are resonant frequencies important?
  • How can I prove that my simulation model is accurate? How can I get realistic damping?
  • What is the significance of frequency response functions (FRFs) and how can they help me?
  • What is the Modal Assurance Criterion, and what role does it play?

Live demonstrations will be given throughout to help reinforce the topics.


8 AM | Welcome and coffee 

8:30 AM | Structural Dynamics

  • Resonances
  • Frequency response functions (FRFs)
  • Excitation techniques (hammers, shakers, etc.)

9:15 AM | Measurement Considerations

  • Sampling rate, blocksize, acquisition time
  • Bandwidth, spectral lines, frequency resolution
  • Window (hanning, flattop, etc.) and leakage

10 AM | Break 

10:15 AM | Measurement Considerations cont.

  • FFTs, phase, autopowers
  • Autopowers vs. power spectral density (PSDs)

11:30 AM | Lunch 

12:30 PM | Structural Analysis

  • Modal curvefitting techniques
  • Modal synthesis
  • Modal assurance criterion (MAC)

2 PM | Break 2:15 PM | Structural Analysis

  • Modification prediction
  • Accelerometer mass ccompensation
  • FETest correlation

4:30 PM | End

Siemens PLM,
46871 Bayside Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538

Registration Closed

We're sorry, but registration is now closed for this event.