Easy 3D CAD for Catchbook Users

Easy access to Solid Edge to rapidly create 3D models and professional engineering drawings from your Catchbook sketches

Catchbook is proving to be an excellent sketch notebook for capturing ideas for new products, home layouts and graphic designs, and even helps transform these ideas into accurate and intelligent 2D sketches. These sketches are great resources for documenting your designs and collaborating with other users. But what if you want to take your sketches further, for example by creating professional engineering drawings that you can send to a manufacturer? Or by converting your 2D sketches into 3D CAD models for assembly design, stress analysis, rendering and 3D printing?

Solid Edge is easy-to-use professional 3D CAD software that makes it simple for you to convert your 2D sketches into professional engineering drawings and 3D CAD models. Solid Edge really is easy CAD with options like a 45 day free trial, monthly subscriptions and free software for students that make it easy to access.

Sketch Your Concept Design in Catchbook

Easy 3D CAD for Catchbook users - Sketch Your Concept Design in Catchbook

Catchbook is the perfect tool for capturing your design ideas before you develop them into 3D models in Solid Edge. You can trace over images to start your design concept, and then turn freehand sketches into dimensioned lines and arcs. You can easily save your sketches into a 2D format that can be opened in Solid Edge.

Create 3D Models from Your 2D Sketches

Easy 3D CAD for Catchbook users - Create 3D models from your 2D sketches

Solid Edge has excellent capabilities to rapidly create 3D CAD models from your Catchbook sketches. For example 2D profiles defined in your sketches can be extruded into 3D, and other sketch geometry can be used to create 3D features like protrusions and cut-outs.

After you have created your 3D model you can apply textures, materials and photographs to create photorealistic images of your design using the rendering software that is included with Solid Edge Classic. And you can use the Print to 3D Builder command to output your model to Microsoft’s 3D Builder app and print your model using your own 3D printer, or request that a physical prototype is manufactured for you by an internet based 3D printing service. 2D to 3D design is simple with Solid Edge!

Create Professional Engineering Drawings

Easy 3D CAD for Catchbook users - Create professional engineering drawings

Catchbook allows you to save sketches as DXF files, which you can then open inside of Solid Edge. The comprehensive 2D drafting capabilities in Solid Edge enable you to create professional engineering drawings that meet the most widely used international drafting standards.

Easy 3D CAD for Students, Free!

Easy 3D CAD for Catchbook users - Easy 3D CAD for students

A free download of Solid Edge is available for any student registered at an academic institution. The Solid Edge Student Edition delivers the industry’s most advanced CAD technology – giving students the freedom to capture ideas quickly and intuitively. Included is the same core functionality used by leading engineers so students can create all types of projects – from machines to stylized products. And check out our Solid Edge Student Resources and Solid Edge for Educators for access to simple tutorials through to a complete college curriculum.

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