SigmundEdge for Solid Edge

SigmundEdge for Solid Edge – Voyager Member Certified Select Gold Partner solution; a powerful tolerance stack up analysis software developed by Varatech. Sigmund enables designers and engineers to evaluate, optimize and validate assembly build quality, relative to piece part tolerances and assembly process variation. Fully integrated with Solid Edge, this value-added tool can be used early in the development phase before design solidification and hard tooling procurement. SigmundEdge prevents costly tweaking delays at ramp-up as well as long-term variation problems and manufacturing, build quality challenges. SigmundEdge can predict the design build quality of a Solid Edge model based upon pre-determined tolerance values or determine the component tolerances required to meet given assembly build quality objectives.

SigmundEdge optimizes design and assembly process, adds precision where needed, and eliminates overly costly designs. Varatech's SigmundABA assembly build analysis product can also be used with Solid Edge when a more detailed understanding of a complex assembly is desired.


  • Five analysis types including: Worst Case, RSS (Root Sum Square), Modified RSS, Process Centering RSS, and Monte Carlo Simulations.
  • Wide range of statistical distributions to emulate Real-World.
  • Design for Six Sigma Roll-Down and Roll-Up methodologies.
  • Built-in Automatic Tolerance Optimizer (Patented).
  • Single source documentation for tolerance stacks.
  • Statistical, Sensitivity, SPC, Cost-Savings, What-if, and Impact report generation.


  • Easy to Use Vector Loop Studies for Design Optimization.
  • Enterprise-Wide Scalability: Design, Manufacturing, Quality, Management, Supply Chain.
  • Upfront Design for Six Sigma Optimization and Validation.
  • Extract significant Cost-Savings for the life of the product.
  • Determine where precision is needed and more importantly where it is not.
  • Address Cost of Quality, Manufacturing Build Quality Challenges.
  • Living Models that can Drive Design, Manufacturing, Process and Quality programs.
  • Increase Manufacturing Yield, Eliminate Scrap and Re-Work.
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