Optimize off-road equipment operability and fuel efficiency using system simulation

Webinaire à la demande

Market demands and regulation organizations are calling for improved performance, in terms of pollutant emissions, machine work output, and ownership cost. Additional drivers include operators working conditions and comfort.

In this context, a race for innovation is not only about the operating norms, but also a must for heavy equipment companies to maintain and increase their market share. Heavy equipment systems performance engineering is a new way to manage the growing complexity of intelligent systems.

Learn how Simcenter assists heavy equipment companies with powertrain optimization and how system simulation with Simcenter Amesim, part of the Simcenter portfolio, can support virtual design of new machine architecture including hybrid functions early in the development process.

View the webinar to learn how model-based system engineering will help you:
- Accurately predict fuel consumption
- Analyze the impact of design options and control strategies
- Recover the energy lost during machine operating conditions
- Virtually evaluate the potential of a waste heat recovery system