Parasolid Convergent Modeling

The strength of Parasolid can now be applied to facet models. By converging classic boundary representation (b-rep) and facet model operations in a single geometric modeling component, Parasolid convergent modeling enables software vendors to efficiently support workflows that must leverage both geometric representations. Examples include the reverse engineering of digitally scanned models, CAE workflows and preparing models for 3D printing. By allowing traditional b-rep modeling operations to work directly on facetted geometry, the time consuming and often error prone task of converting facetted models to precise CAD geometry can be completely eliminated; thus dramatically improving product design efficiency.

Integrated Convergent Modeling

  • A single geometric modeling component with a unified set of modeling functions for facet models and classic b-reps
  • Genuinely seamless integration, with no delegation to an add-on modeling component
  • No need to convert between b-reps and facets
  • A single supplier offering the same high quality technical support and frequent release schedule with no additional supplier administration, contracts and integration/maintenance costs

Powerful Convergent Modeling

  • Full power of Parasolid modeling on facetted models
  • Industry-proven performance, reliability and quality

Flexible Convergent Modeling

  • Freedom to model with classic b-rep or facet models, or a combination of the two
  • Flexible licensing options - license the package level you need

Parasolid version 28.1 is the first in a series of releases that will deliver the full power of convergent modeling.

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