KCD Dynamic

KCD Dynamic is a software component that builds on Kineo Collision Detector to deliver high performance continuous collision detection along a given path in complex kinematics applications such as trajectory planning.

Fast and accurate collision detection algorithms enable you to:

  • Find the next colliding position along a path
  • Remove the need to perform collision checks at numerous sample points along an object’s trajectory
  • Eliminate the risk of missing a collision between sample points
  • Measure the minimum distance along a trajectory before a collision occurs

Applications for KCD Dynamic include high-speed collision avoidance in continuous motion studies, such as robotics, coordinate measuring machines and human simulation.

Key Capabilities and Benefits


  • Detects collisions along a path
  • Supports clash avoidance in continuous motion studies
  • Quickly plots distance to first collision along a trajectory


  • Efficiently detects kinematics and motion collisions
  • Shares the performance qualities of Kineo Collision Detector
  • Handles systems from single object to whole human body, including robots and complex machines
  • Enables determination of the next collision in trajectory planning
  • Minimizes samples needed for best performance while retaining full accuracy
  • Integrates Open SDK into most application designs
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