Fatigue damage is one the most common causes of structural failure, and can lead to disastrous outcomes. Therefore, prediction of structural fatigue life is essential in modern product design.

P-EF (a.k.a. pro-EMFATIC for Femap) is a comprehensive fatigue analysis software package built on widely used fatigue calculation methods. P-EF calculates structural life, cumulative fatigue damage and safety factors. The stress and strain data used for fatigue calculations can be taken directly from Femap. The durability results can be stored back into Femap and can be displayed using Femap post-processing capability. It also provides add-on capabilities that allow users to calculate fatigue results using the test measurements or the analytical values from non-Femap solutions.

P-EF’s fast, efficient, and accurate fatigue calculations enable Femap users to make precise durability predictions and thus better design decisions.

P-EF is ideal for application in the automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, internal combustion engines, nuclear power plant equipment, engineering machinery, high-end CNC machine tools, manufacturing equipment, high-tech electronics and other fields.

P-EF supports common fatigue models used in the industry for crack-initiation predictions. It also offers user-defined S-N capability that allows users to introduce their own life criteria. P-EF satisfies most engineering needs for durability designs.

  • Fast and powerful calculation engine
  • User friendly GUI and operations
  • Comprehensive material data system
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