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Export Agreement

I do not design/manufacture or produce products for military.

I do not participate in any activities that violates a boycott in place with the U.S. government. This includes:

  • Being on the Anti Boycott Checklist
  • Agreements to refuse or actual refusals to do business with Israel or other blacklisted countries
  • Agreements to discriminate or actual discrimination against other persons based on race, religion, sex, national origin or nationality
  • Furnishing information about the race, religion, sex, or national origin of any person
  • Paying, or otherwise implementing letters of credit that include requirements to take boycott related actions prohibited by the anti boycott regulations.

I do not design/manufacture or produce products that serve nuclear related industries or activities including:

  • power plants
  • energy plants
  • separation of isotopes of any source or special nuclear material
  • production of heavy water
  • nuclear fuel fabrication
  • nuclear explosives or weapon activities
  • manufacturing of parts used in atomic facilities
  • nuclear or atomic reprocessing plants
  • nuclear or atomic waste activities
  • nuclear or atomic source material (e.g. plutonium/enriched uranium)
  • plants of any kind supported by fast breeder reactors
  • institutes of science and technology
  • radiological facilities
  • conventional weapons and armaments research and development establishments
  • other military entities

I am not involved in any activities that directly or indirectly assist in the design, fabrication, operation or maintenance of missiles, rocket systems or unmanned air vehicle systems.

I am not directly or indirectly involved in the development, production, stockpiling or use of chemical/biological weapons.

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