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Insight from Product Performance Intelligence

Omneo delivers the product performance intelligence needed to make impactful decisions across a global value chain by providing visibility into both product and supply chain performance. Omneo easily identifies and monitors supplier issues, prevents costly recalls, predicts trends with machine learning and improves your customer’s experience.

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Omneo Base Configuration

Omneo combines data from product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), quality management systems (QMS), customer relationship management (CRM), Internet of Things (IoT) and other enterprise data sources. By having value chain big data loaded into one unified secure data lake for analytics, Omneo significantly reduces the cost, time and man-hours spent searching for the source of value chain problems.

Omneo Performance Analytics

Omneo Performance Analytics (PA) analyzes billions of data combinations from a global value chain in seconds. By searching, analyzing and monitoring user determined key performance indicators (KPIs), Omneo Performance Analytics enables you to discover trends that are disrupting or about to disrupt product performance and the customer experience.

Omneo Advanced Data Visualization

Omneo Advanced Data Visualization (ADV) enables you to create simple, clear charts and graphs from layers of complex data sets and key performance indicators (KPIs). Advanced Data Visualization provides you with the ultimate flexibility by allowing ad hoc additions of external data sources not connected to your Omneo big data.

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