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Digitalize manufacturing with NX CAM software


Purchase a monthly subscription or a perpetual license for NX CAM software.

NX CAM, a complete and modular solution for programming of CNC machines and robots, provides powerful advantages.

Integrated CAD ensures true end-to-end part manufacturing. The associativity to digital part models enables rapid implementation of engineering change orders (ECO). 

Advanced CAM technology, including high-speed machining, feature-based automation, multi-axis milling, and G-code-based simulation, can boost your company throughput. 

Read NX CAM Brochure Watch the NX CAM overview video Watch the Haidlmair success story video

Take a test drive now!

NX CAM software is available now for the first time free for 30 days!

Example of automated hole making capabilities in NX CAM

Simply complete the registration form and you will receive a license to download the trial offer version of the software.

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