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Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management

Cloud based software-as-a-service solutions for the digitalization of your manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market

Industry leaders today are determined by delivering customized products faster and of better quality than the competition, while meeting local requirements on a global basis. By creating an infrastructure that facilitates rapid change and high quality, proactive manufacturers are equipped to lead in these challenging times. With Siemens MOM software solutions on Cloud, you can completely digitalize and seamlessly integrate product and production lifecycles for flexible, scalable production processes that maximize your responsiveness to manufacturing events.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Siemens’ SaaS cloud offering for manufacturing data analysis enables process visibility for faster up-to-date decision making and global performance excellence. Manufacturing Intelligence connects, organizes and aggregates manufacturing data from various company sources into cohesive, intelligent and contextualized information to gain immediate and actionable insights. Contact us to find out more about our cloud offering tailored to your needs.

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