PLM Visualization

Unleash your design data with high-performance visualization and digital mockup

Teamcenter PLM visualization capabilities enable everyone in the product lifecycle to access and collaborate on rich design data that they need to do their work. PLM visualization streamlines your engineering and manufacturing processes by creating virtual prototypes from multiple mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) formats. You can reduce costly physical prototypes and perform more specialized studies, from ergonomics to virtual-reality design reviews.

Visualize and Collaborate on Design Data

Everyone throughout the product lifecycle needs to access 2D and 3D design data in order to make informed decisions and catch issues early. PLM visualization, powered by JT technology, allows you to visualize and investigate (for example take measurements, cut cross-sections and view product manufacturing information) your design data with ease. With JT2Go, which is available at no charge, you can easily collaborate on rich design data with all of your suppliers and external partners.

Powerful CAD-neutral Virtual Prototyping

Powerful virtual prototyping (digital mockup) capabilities in Teamcenter allow non-CAD users to analyze massive models with ease, even if they are created in multiple CAD systems. From taking simple measurements and cutting cross-sections, to performing precise clearance analysis, you can do it all in Teamcenter. You don’t have to learn multiple CAD systems or perform time-consuming and error-prone CAD-to-CAD translations to collaborate on design data. You can use Teamcenter PLM visualization to catch errors early, eliminate physical prototypes, and ultimately reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns.

Advanced Analysis and Virtual Reality

Beyond visual collaboration and digital mockup, additional PLM visualization capabilities are available to leverage your rich design data for more advanced uses such as ergonomic studies of the people who build and use your products; path planning analysis to ensure that your product can be easily maintained; and 1:1 scale design reviews using the latest virtual reality devices.

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