Quality Planning Environment

Streamline the quality engineering process and development of 3D model-based inspection plans

Thousands of pieces of information are generated in the design-to-manufacturing process. The final product must be verified against this wealth of information to conform to engineering specifications. This conformance can be especially challenging when you consider the multiple revisions the design goes through during its lifetime. The tasks necessary to define, communicate and validate this information are tedious and complex. In many cases, these engineering tasks are not automated.

The Quality Planning Environment portfolio of software from Siemens PLM Software standardizes and automates these quality engineering process tasks by enabling the direct consumption of data directly from the 3D CAD model. Manual tasks are reduced or, in many cases, completely eliminated. Quality Planning Environment helps you transform commercial 3D CAD systems into specialized systems for managing the quality engineering process and the development of 3D model-based inspection plans. The quality engineering process is vital for ensuring full consumption of inspection characteristics to eliminate the potential for quality escapes.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Take advantage of tools that support the entire quality planning process:

  • Developing inspection plans for detail parts – Eliminate errors resulting from data re-entry from model to quality plan, reduce design modeling efforts by enabling reduced dimensioned models and reduce time by as much as 90 percent compared to manual quality plan creation processes
  • Developing inspection plans for airframe assemblies and installations – Reduce time to generate quality plans for airframe assemblies and installations by as much as 90 percent compared to manual processes, enhance thoroughness and accuracy of quality reports resulting in less documentation rework and standardize plans to improve the consistency of the inspection execution process
  • Audit, generate, execute and archive the inspection plan – Support an end-to-end model-based process for first article inspection (FAI) and collaboration with the supply chain as well as link to downstream systems for error-free data transfer and traceability
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