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Introduction to Engineering

John Devitry, Utah State University

John Devitry
Adjunct Faculty
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department
Utah State University
SDL B217

John Devitry is an adjunct faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and is the CAD administrator at Utah State University’s Space Dynamics Lab. Before joining SDL he worked for Siemens PLM Software as the Western US Regional Lead Application Engineer. Previously he worked for 3D Systems, promoting rapid prototyping and rapid tooling technologies, visiting hundreds of leading design and manufacturing companies around the world. He holds three patents, developing the product from concept to market, selling the patent rights to independent investors. Devitry enjoys writing and has published three articles in BYU Studies.

Devitry offers an online course in udemy Mechanical Engineering – An Introduction to 3D CAD. This on-line course provides teachers and students with a simple, easy-to-use format to inspire science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

Check out Mechanical Engineering – An Introduction to 3D CAD

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