User Meetings and User Groups

At Siemens PLM Software, our global user ecosystem is made up of regional and national user groups that allow users to share best practices around product lifecycle management along with tremendous networking opportunities while they receive the latest product training. In both national and regional user events, the Siemens PLM Users drive many of the discussion topics along with Siemens PLM Software to create a “Voice of the User” in which users help drive enhancements to our products.

With thousands of local and national events held each year and the active participation of many of our users, Siemens PLM software has the longest running user community in the PLM industry and offers more sessions across a wide range of PLM topics than any other user forum. It’s with Siemens PLM Software that you’ll find the best answers related to PLM. Users of Siemens PLM Software products, including Teamcenter, NX, Tecnomatix and Solid Edge, share best practices and learn from leading industry and subject matter experts.

For more information by geography:

  • Americas: In conjunction with PLM World, we host the national user group conference
  • EMEA: In conjunction with PLM Europe, we host the national user group conference
  • Asia Pacific: Hold annual user groups throughout Asia

Other Ways to Get Involved


Got a question about one of our products? Want to interact with other Siemens PLM Software users? Visit our Community to post questions and interact with other users.

* Siemens PLM Software, in cooperation with PLM World, an independent, federally chartered not-for-profit organization, hosts this annual national event.

** Siemens PLM Software, in cooperation with PLM Europe, an independent not-for-profit organization, hosts this annual event.

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