As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) Planning

Human Simulation for Radiation Safety Programs

As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) is a radiation safety principle that is used for minimizing radiation doses and the release of radioactive materials by employing all reasonable methods. ALARA is not only a comprehensive safety principle, but is a regulatory requirement for all radiation safety programs that is mandatory in many countries.

Siemens PLM Software provides solutions for ALARA planning that include 3D human simulations (avatars) and dosing estimations for radioactive environments. The avatar allows you to virtually walk through the job plan, step-by-step, and receive valuable real-time feedback on estimated doses as well as hazardous dosing. Radiation is estimated using an algorithm developed by the Electric Power Research Institute.

Combining this ALARA planning solution with a PLM system provides powerful capabilities to radiation protection managers and planners, including information management, integration of engineering information about the environment and a collaborative platform for improving this mandatory planning.

The avatars are available in male or female forms, and in various body sizes. You can view the entire 3D body in every position as you simulate workers performing their tasks. As you view processes step-by-step, you can take corrective action to reduce critical path and dose rates for radiation jobs. Our ALARA planning solution offers a realistic 3D environment that simulates the job site (including shielding), and has an integrated support for motion capture devices like Microsoft Kinect® for Windows. ALARA reports are stored in the PLM system by configuration and worker dosage for compliance reporting and demonstration of source term reduction.

PLM integration with ALARA planning delivers various configurations to help planners evaluate the impact of working in different scenarios as well as benchmarking for future jobs. Recommended applications include:

  • ALARA job planning by nuclear utility staff for estimating worker dose during maintenance and inspection
  • Planning and evaluation of radiation protection for pre-job briefings and post-job reviews of workers, as well as training of new staff and contractors
  • Benchmarking for radiation protection (RP) managers
  • Staff training for new and existing personnel
  • Support compliance activities associated with ALARA, including reports that show before and after dosage based on corrective actions
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