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  1. University of Maryland Case Study

    University of Maryland uses leading PLM technology to empower
    the next generation of engineers and scientists.

    41k |
  2. Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) Integration Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions enable critical performance
    improvements to continue right up to race day.

    41k |
  3. Sensile Medical Case Study

    Sensile Medical achieves solid growth with Siemens
    PLM Software solutions and Quadrix.

    42k |
  4. Longitude Engineering Case Study

    LOC Group member, Longitude Engineering, uses Siemens PLM Software
    technology to optimize efficient global collaboration for business growth.

    38k |
  5. Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solution enables complex design and analysis to help
    optimize sailboat performance for one of the world's most revered sailing ...

    44k |
  6. Astroscale

    Femap with NX Nastran supports cutting-edge space development.

    37k |
  7. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Case Study

    Accelerating design and reducing costs.

    43k |
  8. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Case Study

    60-analyst team uses the integrated solver, pre- and postprocessor to
    optimize the design of the successor to the Space Shuttle.

    37k |
  9. Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions enable Ben Ainslie Racing to quickly analyze
    multiple geometric options and reliably find the balance between speed ...

    41k |
  10. Solar Impulse Case Study

    Femap with NX Nastran is being used optimize and verify the structure of first
    plane to circumnavigate the earth using solar power alone.

    38k |
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