Resultados de pesquisa de estudos de caso da indústria de energia e serviços públicos

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  1. Turkish Aerospace Industries Case Study

    LMS Samtech Samcef helps global aerospace firm develop wind turbines.

    36k |
  2. AO AEM Technologies Case Study

    Teamcenter and NX help Atommash build a comprehensive
    product lifecycle management solution.

    42k |
  3. POLYDUCT Case Study

    POLYDUCT improves communication between its design and production
    teams with the help of Siemens PLM Software solution.

    34k |
  4. AREVA Case Study

    AREVA and INOPROD use Plant Simulation
    to optimize workflows, control costs.

    40k |
  5. CREAT Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solution enables CREAT to make a seamless
    transition of its product R&D platform to 3D CAD.

    38k |
  6. Diakont Case Study

    Integration of Solid Edge and NX CAM reduces non-compliance caused
    by design and manufacturing errors by 70 percent.

    39k |
  7. Candu Energy Case Study

    Candu saves time and reduces costs by eliminating
    assembly rework in a multi-CAD environment.

    37k |
  8. Ferroli Case Study

    Company achieves 100 percent recovery of design heritage.

    38k |
  9. AREVA Wind Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions enable AREVA
    to evaluate 1000 load cases overnight.

    40k |
  10. Olvondo Industries Case Study

    Olvondo Industries uses NX to help construct, test
    and produce advanced equipment.

    35k |
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