Resultados de pesquisa de estudos de caso da indústria de eletrônicos e semicondutores

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  1. Knowles Case Study

    Knowles practically eliminates physical testing with LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics.

    41k |
  2. Designplan Lighting Case Study

    With Siemens PLM Software solution, Designplan saves
    time and increases rate of production.

    41k |
  3. Groupe Brandt Case Study

    Leading international appliance manufacturer standardizes development
    platform with Siemens PLM Software solutions.

    38k |
  4. Siemens Drives Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software production planning and scheduling
    solutions support strategy for business improvement.

    39k |
  5. ASML Case Study

    Leading lithography machine maker uses certification to work more
    effectively and improve quality with NX CAD.

    37k |
  6. AEC Illuminazione

    With Siemens PLM Software solutions, AEC Illuminazione
    integrates design, production and marketing.

    42k |
  7. Energywin Technologies Case Study

    Efficiencies of 3D-based process boost productivity and accelerate design.

    35k |
  8. TSC Inspection Systems Case Study

    Using Siemens PLM Software technology, company achieves 95 percent
    compliance across industry/company standards, procedures and rules required ...

    41k |
  9. Costan Case Study

    Commercial refrigerator maker builds more “ergonomically friendly”
    products using Siemens PLM Software solutions.

    38k |
  10. Zumex Case Study

    Solid Edge helps Zumex optimize new product development.

    41k |
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