PLM Technology for Aerospace and Defense Agencies

A proven approach to defense program and supply chain management

Defense agencies use highly structured programs to acquire and sustain their weapons systems, platforms and support infrastructure. These programs must effectively cope with high investment cost, global sourcing, highly regulated contracts and industry standard requirements. Budget reductions and an aging defense work force make the appropriate contractual methods, combined with quality programs and supply chain management, a compelling case to create a successful integrated digital environment (IDE).

IDEs capture years of best practices that support the entire product lifecycle, and include the following key elements:

  • Business cost analysis (BCA) and continuous requirements management
  • Seamless collaboration from design to manufacturing to sustainment
  • Configuration management based product data management
  • Interoperability that includes partner-to-partner technology integrations throughout the entire product lifecycle

An IDE helps you focus on affordability, asset visibility and supply chain efficiency. Program leaders can share industry and government best practices and facilitate partnerships between the military, defense agencies and technology partners. Ultimately this defense program management environment helps seamlessly provide defense supply chain partners with the parts and equipment to deliver world-class equipment to the warfighter, efficiently and with superior results.

Siemens PLM Software provides fully functional IDEs capable of improving every phase in the defense acquisition management framework and its related processes. As a technology partner, we can provide a collaborative business environment that allows you to:

  • Create and maintain information at its source, while allowing users to access and re-use the data its lifecycle
  • Manage systems to ensure timely and accurate configuration control
  • Have security process and procedures in place
  • Deliver contract data requirements lists (CDRLs) and subcontractor data requirements lists (SDRLs)
  • Adhere to government infrastructure and data standards

Siemens PLM Software tailors its product lifecycle management capabilities to deliver a full range of IDE capabilities that help aerospace and defense agencies comply with systems requirements and delivery, optimize resources, and maximize global supply chain effectiveness. Our product suite enables agencies to seamlessly manage a program from concept to disposal, using a single source of knowledge.

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