Frontloading controls strategies development, verification and validation with Simcenter

在线研讨会回放 | 38 分钟

Frontloading design processes and combining controls and mechanical engineering continuously along the development cycle has become inevitable to support the development of smarter vehicles.

Implement a concurrent mechanical and function software design process to anticipate on controller testing and virtual tuning, resulting in best-in-class controls design faster.

This webinar will help you better understand:

  • How closed-loop design enables better and faster architecture selection and allows to detect earlier integration problems, before the first prototype testing
  • How a concurrent approach helps controls and software engineering departments to develop and validate best-in-class mechatronic systems by bringing the “Digital Twin” engineering approach
  • How companies like Renault, Mazda or Denso have successfully deployed solution to design high-quality and smart software and E/E networks in the least possible time.