Validate your electric vehicle battery with realistic vibration testing

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Driving vehicle electrification

Validate electric vehicle battery

Electrification is the key trend for vehicle manufacturers. Vehicles are more and more equipped with advanced batteries in order to accomplish global environmental targets with eco-friendly vehicles (EV, HEV or PHEV). But these new fundamental changes also bring some uncertainties in the vehicle development process where the reliability of the battery needs to be maintained. In this context, validating these new batteries prior to vehicle implementation plays a very important role in the development cycle before introducing these new vehicles into the market.

To prevent costly product recalls after bringing the product into the market, test and validation engineers need to test their batteries against durability and reliability with correct test procedures in a very efficient way.


  • How to validate your battery based on defined standards
  • How to create realistic test targets
  • Ways to increase testing efficiency

Şafak Has

重型装备、汽车及交通运输业测试业务开发经理 , Siemens Digital Industries Software

夏法克 (Şafak) 曾任职于福特汽车公司,从事从乘用车到工程车等各类车辆的车辆测试工作。他的专长领域是 NVH 和耐久性测试环境下的数据采集系统和数据分析。夏法克拥有土耳其伊斯坦布尔耶尔德兹理工大学机械工程工学学士学位。