Accelerating Product Development in the automotive industry

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A next-generation design solution to overcome complexity

Through Siemens solutions innovation can be accelerated to unleash the next generation of vehicles.

The automotive industry is changing faster than ever. In the new age of automation and electrification, you'll find sensors, chips, and electronics at the heart of every vehicle. Vehicle complexity has skyrocketed while increasing concern over climate change, and shifting regulations means that it is more necessary than ever to respond quickly and efficiently to market changes.

Experts Greg Roth, Solution Director at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Tom Spangler, Marketing Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software, will guide you through the digital tools needed to stay ahead of the competition in this on-demand webinar.

Utilize a comprehensive digital twin for an Accelerated Product Development approach

To stay ahead of challenging market trends, automotive manufacturers need a fully integrated, end-to-end design and engineering platform and digital thread backbone that seamlessly shares the most up-to-date information to everyone in the product ecosystem, guaranteeing complete traceability. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution enables designers and engineers to get designs right the first time with a continuous virtual validation and verification system. Automated artificial intelligence helps to frontload to avoid wasting critical resources on building designs that fail, requiring costly and time-consuming rework by implementing a comprehensive digital twin. This means designers and engineers can explore more innovative ideas to boost product performance and quality.

Develop new innovative product designs by implementing generative design

New product development challenges require new next-generation design solutions. A revolution in changing design processes, simulation productivity, and additive manufacturing is generative design— engineering innovation with automated intelligent exploration. It allows for a combination of traditional technologies, such as feature modeling, and combines them with new technologies like design optimization and convergent modeling. Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution enables companies to leverage the power of new emerging manufacturing approaches to quickly identify and assess numerous innovative designs and select the concepts that match product requirement targets, such as performance, mass, cost, and manufacturing.

Reduce time, cost, and errors in the product design process

As the automotive industry shifts gear and moves towards the future, the pace of innovation is picking up. This, coupled with intensified competition from the tech giants and highly specialized start-ups, means that traditional design and engineering practices no longer cut it. Siloed data and disjointed workflows inhibit the development of highly complex products and slow down innovation. Teams are left unsure of the most up-to-date requirements with multiple data sources, creating costly mistakes that cause delays and over-budget projects. With Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution, you can boost traceability and auditability and thoroughly assess designs across mechanical, electrical, and software domains to reduce time, cost, and errors in product development.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how Siemens Accelerated Product Development solution can help you deploy the digital tools needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Thomas Spangler

NX 高级营销经理, Siemens Digital Industries Software

汤姆·斯潘格勒 (Tom Spangler) 在 CAD 和 PLM 领域深耕 25 余年,积累了丰富的经验,期间有 15 年专注于汽车行业 OEM 和供应商级别的设计、IT 和数据管理。汤姆于 2006 年获得了工商管理硕士学位,并于 2008 年加入西门子,担任营销经理。任职期间,他牵头并参与了多个产品发布、营销推广及其他活动。

Greg Roth

Director of Automotive and Transportation Solutions in the Industries Group, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Previously, Mr. Roth held positions at Ford Motor Company, Eaton Corporation and Amcor Packaging. More recently, he was Chief Engineer for the CAE and NVH departments at ZF-TRW Automotive North America Braking Systems in Livonia, Michigan. In his current role, he champions CAD, CAE & PLM technologies and processes for companies at a global enterprise level achieving substantial reductions in product development costs and time while improving overall quality. Mr. Roth holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, an M.S. in Electronics and Computer Controls Engineering from Wayne State University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.

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