Accelerate semiconductor package design productivity with model-based systems engineering

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A model- based systems engineering approach to accelerate advanced semiconductor package design

Maximum stress level in semiconductor package driven by temperature.
<p>With the rise of 5G communications, Internet of Things (IoT), development of autonomous vehicles, and edge computing, there is a demand for greater computational power from microprocessors.  Consequently, there is pressure on the semiconductor industry to design ever more powerful semiconductor devices with greater functionality, yet with smaller footprints and at lower price points. This is in keeping with Moore’s law, and results in today’s advanced packaging designs with heterogeneous multi-chiplet, 2.5D and 3D ICs. Thus, semiconductor companies are looking for new system level design approaches to enhance design productivity and effectiveness.</p>
<p>This webinar will provide an overview of a systemized solution that allows organizations to collate design inputs from architectural fit studies, electrical layout and mechanical models for simulations.  Model-based systems engineering simulations can validate different design parameters, explore alternative designs and determine the optimal solution.  Integrating test results plays a vital role in improving simulation model accuracy.  This fully integrated solution allows organizations to get the full benefits of digital transformation through a unified toolchain ecosystem.</p>
<h2>In this webinar you will learn more about:</h2>
<li>High Density Advanced Packaging (HDAP) market drivers and technical challenges.</li>
<li>A comprehensive end-to-end package design and analysis workflow.</li>
<li>ECAD-MCAD data exchange methodologies, creating package models and package layout implementation.</li>
<li>The addition of detailed package models to PCB designs.</li>
<li>Performing thermal and structural analysis, test-based thermal model calibration.</li>
<li>Design space optimization – driving the design with AI automation.</li>
<li>Integration of test results to enhance model-based systems engineering.</li>






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