Accelerate the application development cycle with low-code

在线研讨会回放 | 36 分钟

Learn how to use low-code development to achieve your business' digitalization goals

Accelerate the application development cycle with low-code

How can low-code development support your digitalization journey?

Embracing digital transformation and investing in the right software systems is essential for manufacturers as competitive pressures increase and disruptive technologies constantly emerge. These challenges, however, are standing in the way of most manufacturers’ digital transformation journey.

  • The demand for solutions exceeds the number of skilled resources able to deliver them — 77% of IT leaders and 71% of business leaders agree that IT teams have a massive pipeline of new requests, which are not being built.*
  • Traditional development methodologies exclude the perspective of the business and often fail to meet their needs once the solution is delivered.
  • The business is not given the right support, so they turn to unauthorized SaaS applications and tools without providing visibility to IT.

During this webinar, we will show you how low-code development puts the user in the driver seat and is enabling businesses to easily build, deploy, and manage applications to help them achieve their digitalization goals.

*Source: Digital Disconnect: A Study of Business and IT Alignment in 2019

Join this webinar to see how low-code development can:

  • Help you build applications 10x faster with 70% fewer resources
  • Use a robust set of building blocks that include industrial domain and core services
  • Unlock and integrate real-time data from your ERP, CRM, and other systems
  • Build applications for all forms of interaction — Web, mobile, conversational UIs, augmented reality, and more

Meet the Presenter

Jamal Himmit

Enterprise Account Executive, Mendix

The Mendix Platform is a low-code platform that enables organizations to build enterprise applications in a visual way. By doing so, you allow Business & IT to work directly together in small teams and build applications up to 10x quicker, while maintaining the highest standard of security, quality, and governance. Jamal helps enable organizations to accelerate digital transformation with unmatched time to value using the Mendix Platform. Trusted by 1000+ enterprises around the globe, such as Continental, Total, P&G, and ASML—and recommended by Siemens Technologies and SAP as the way to build applications on top of other systems—Mendix is the leading low-code platform, according to Gartner.