Design safe and reliable landing gear ready for future aircraft configurations


Learn how a combined 3D and system simulation approach can help you develop the right landing gear for your aircraft and its complete mission.

Designing safe and performant landing gears
Designing safe and performant landing gears

A safe, robust and reliable landing gear is among the most vital parts of an aircraft. Because, just as a bird, a plane could never survive without strong legs when settling down on the ground. The main purpose of a landing system is to reduce impact loads by absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy. It also must provide suspension as well as wheel steering and braking while the plane is taxiing on the tarmac. 

Because the choice for a certain configuration greatly impacts many overall behavioral aspects of the entire aircraft, the landing gear needs to be developed along with the rest of the structure.  And as the development shouldn’t delay the design of the overall aircraft, landing gear manufacturers are looking for solutions that help them investigate as many alternatives as possible in the shortest possible time. And let's be clear, the landing gear architectural choices of today can have a major impact on the longevity of the aircraft it carries.

Watch this webinar and learn how a combined 3D and system simulation approach helps you get full engineering insight in the landing gear performance during landing, extension and retraction, braking and steering. Learn how to : 

  • assess multiple design levels, from components to the entire system with control strategies
  • ensure the strength of landing gear systems even under hard landing conditions
  • analyze the robustness of the braking system even in case of a rejected take-off
  • ensure proper structural integration of extension and retraction
  • optimize aircraft handling and drivability performance at concept phases