Advanced harness manufacturing engineering with KSK and big data

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Ensure effective KSK data utilization to make informed decisions and increase profitability

KSK wiring harness manufacturing, the big data surrounding it & the need to make effective use of this data to be successful.

The continually evolving automotive industry faces multiple challenges due to the demand for advanced features, the advent of ADAS and autonomous driving, and the growing need for electrification. These megatrends directly impact and create the need for a highly sophisticated automotive E/E system, placing great emphasis on the wiring harness. Also, the surge in need for mass customization is driving up the number of unique vehicle configurations, thereby increasing the complexity and variance of the wiring harness, now more than ever.

Watch this webinar to learn about the intricacies of KSK wiring harness manufacturing, the big data surrounding it and the need to make effective use of this data to be successful.

KSK manufacturing in Industry 4.0

Effectively managing the complex wiring harness and its variants, from design through manufacturing to its delivery to the customer, is of paramount importance. The most sought-after solution to this enigma, by automotive OEMs and harness manufacturers alike, has long been the Kundenspezifischer Kabelbaum (the German term for customer-specific wiring harness), a.k.a the KSK philosophy. Although the KSK is a commercially successful and proven business model, traditional KSK data assimilation approaches are weak. They could soon become irrelevant, given the inevitable digital transformation en route to realizing Industry 4.0.

This webinar sheds light on the challenges facing KSK manufacturing and how Siemens’ advanced harness manufacturing engineering solutions help companies increase profitability in the IIoT era.

What you will learn about KSK manufacturing

  • What is the KSK philosophy
  • KSK in engineering, manufacturing and logistics
  • Big data and IT landscape for KSK

Who would be interested in KSK manufacturing

  • OEMs and Harness manufacturers looking for software solutions to manage complex harness variants from design to delivery
  • Harness design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers and Production planners
  • Logistics planners, Harness industry IT engineers and Managers

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