Develop the digital enterprise with low-code industry-specific applications

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One size does not fit all. Neither does one app. With low-code, organizations can build the application that solves the specific problem they face in their industry.

How to build industry-specific apps using low-code

Low-code application development has been around for more than a decade. Its entry to the Industrial space is rather new and many questions remain about how it can be used to solve complex problems. For organizations who have experience with low-code development, this is the point they can scale solutions and systems that transform them into a digital enterprise.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the best use cases for your industry
  • How to leverage partners and domain experts to develop industry apps
  • How to respond to business, operational and customer needs in days, not months 
  • How to translate critical intellectual property and know-how into personalized, modern, flexible applications and solutions

Meet the presenters:

Beth Herr

Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Beth Herr has spent the past three years helping Siemens customers learn how to use cloud solutions to start their digitalization journey. Currently, focused on IoT & Lifecycle Analytics and Low-Code Application Development, Beth is responsible for learning about the problems faced in Industry and then teaching how Xcelerator solutions can help solve them. She has been with Siemens Digital Industries Software for nine years.

Peter De Moerloose

Mendix 区域实施主管, Siemens Digital Industries Software

作为西门子旗下企业 Mendix 的区域实施主管,彼得·德·莫尔洛斯 (Peter De Moerloose) 主要负责帮助工业领域通过寻求正确的变革路线来实现数字化目标。他在西门子已经工作超过 25 年,成功实施了数字化企业产品,包括产品生命周期和制造运营管理解决方案。目前,彼得负责 Mendix 美洲区域,帮助 Siemens Xcelerator 客户成功实现了云端强大功能和市场领先的快速应用程序开发环境。

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