Use smarter solutions to make smarter energy management decisions

在线研讨会 | 21 九月 2021 | Two sessions available

Optimize your energy savings with an industrial IoT as a service solution

Energy management

Effective energy management not only plays a key role in decreasing costs, but also in increasing plant efficiency and productivity.

Are you seeking to lower your energy costs, increase your competitiveness and more easily comply with regulatory requirements?

Who isn’t?!

The difference in how well you achieve these things depends on your solution. To be the best, this means you must keep a constant eye on the energy consumption of every machine in every plant. You need transparency, loads of data and powerful analytics.

Join this webinar to learn how to optimize your energy savings with an industrial IoT as a service solution.

Key features of this industrial IoT solution

  • Collect and visualize where and when energy is consumed (per line, plant, or enterprise wide)
  • Analyze energy data over time, and create statistics and correlations to identify peaks, losses and anomalies
  • Track, optimize and report your energy consumption – achieve ISO 50001 certification
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

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