eXpert center series: Digital excellence for bid and tender requirements management

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Bulky specification documents and long requirements paragraphs do not attribute to clear and concise contractual statements. Address key shortcomings in business interactions during the bid and tender phase of engagement. Learn how use cases have evolved over time in the energy and utilities industry to encompass requirements management, particularly for complex supply chain ecosystems.

Bid and Tender Management for Energy eXpert Series

Manage bid and tender documentation and activities

Key areas:

  • Contractual clarity
  • Bid maturity
  • 20/20 hindsight
  • Enterprise clarity

Contract lifecycle management software

Traceability and built-in comparisons may provide further insight for use cases around repeat business and standardized requirements. Create and resolve exceptions, qualifications, and clarifications from contract response teams with customer communication.

Leverage a data-centric approach

Winning bids and executing successfully begins at the customer requirement level and the initial customer review phase. Information gathered during the bid and tender phase remains intact and in context throughout the life of the project and beyond, enabling higher quality responses at a faster rate.