Skill up the e-motor NVH performance of your electric vehicle

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Gain insights into finding the perfect trade-off between efficiency and NVH

Detail of an electric drive with a virtual model used for optimizing e-motor NVH performance.

In hybrid and electric vehicles, passengers often perceive the high-frequency tonal noise of electric motors combined with gearbox whine as annoying. E-drive manufacturers are looking for solutions to address e-motor NVH early in the development cycle. But the complexity of motor types and configurations makes it difficult to find the perfect trade-off between efficiency and NVH performance.

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This webinar will look at the early stage of e-drive development, where manufacturers make essential design choices for motor and gearbox performance. We'll show how inverter, transmission, and e-motor NVH are part of this early development stage while understanding its impact on the entire performance of the vehicle. As a result, we radically reduce the risk of encountering e-drive NVH issues late in the design process.

We'll also look at the detailed design stages using 3D simulation to analyze the complete system, from electric currents to radiated noise, and integrating electromagnetic, structural, transmission multi-body, and acoustics analysis. Benefiting from one environment and workflow, we evaluate the effect of all possible design modifications.

Targeting e-motor NVH experts

This webinar is designed for e-motor NVH, 3D CAE, and electromagnetic user communities, from experts to analysts, who endeavor to create an e-drive sound and performance that fits their brand image.

Alessandro Lepore

Business Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Alessandro has been with Siemens Digital Industries Software for 10 years, working in various roles in the Engineering and Consulting Services division. He is currently Business Development Manager, worldwide responsible for business development and go-to-market for Engineering Services Solutions, with focus on; Technologies that combine Test, 1D and 3D CAE simulation, automotive and transportation Industry and NVH, drivability and Ride & Handling solutions.

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